Wildwood Bar-B-Que offers dine-in or carry-out options to best serve your needs.

Served with one or two sides and a drink

Sandwich Only One Side Two Sides
Signature North Carolina Que
Pulled Pork in a Vinegar Sauce
6.49 9.99 10.99
Red Que
Pulled Pork in a Tangy, Tomato-based Sauce
6.49 9.99 10.99
Just Que
Pulled Pork in No Sauce
6.49 9.99 10.99
Chicken Que
Slow Roasted and Hand Pulled
6.49 9.99 10.99
Brisket Que
Sliced Beef Brisket
8.49 11.99 12.99
Chicken Tenders 6.89 10.49 11.49
Shrimp Po-Boy 6.89 10.49 11.49

Served with two sides and corn muffins or hush puppies

Pork Que Plate 13.79
Chicken Que Plate 13.79
Brisket Que Plate 18.79
Ribs and Pork or Chicken Que 19.99
Ribs and Brisket Que 23.49
Half Rack Plate 17.59
Full Rack Plate 27.49

Just Ribs

Full Rack 23.99
Half Rack 14.49

Hot Dogs
Jumbo Size All Beef Hot Dogs

Dog Only One Side Two Sides
The BBQ Slaw Dog
Your choice of pork que and slaw
7.99 10.69 11.69
The Dog
Mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, and/or slaw
5.49 8.49 9.49
The Chili Cheese Dog
Made with homemade chili
6.99 9.49 10.49
The Chili Dog
Made with homemade chili
6.49 8.99 9.99

2.49 Each

French Fries

Hush Puppies

Green Beans

Corn Muffins

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad

Mac & Cheese

Baked Beans

Seasoned Greens

Take It Home

Pint Half Pint
Pork or Chicken Que 12.49 7.49
Brisket Que 19.49 9.99
Sides 6.79 4.49
Family Pack
One pint of pork or chicken que, two pints of sides, four corn muffins, and four buns
Sub brisket for 3.00

Kids Meals
Served with two small sides and a small drink

Pork Que Sandwich
Choice of North Carolina, Red, or Plain Que
Chicken Que Sandwich
Kids Hot Dog
Chicken Tenders

20 oz - 2.19

Fountain Drinks

Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea

Fresh Brewed Unsweet Tea

More Information

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